How Yoga Will Improve Your Mixed Martial Arts Training

Mixed Martial Arts in RaleighWhen someone says mixed martial arts training the last thing that comes to mind is yoga. However, the benefits of doing yoga can really contribute to a fighter’s overall physical abilities. Professional MMA fighters like Diego Sanchez do yoga on a daily basis. Many trainers believe that yoga should be incorporated into a fighter’s training program. Here are some benefits MMA fighters can expect from regular yoga practice. Searching for the best mixed martial arts in Raleigh, NC? Call the expert coaches at Gracie Raleigh today.

Holding strenuous poses for an extended period of time won’t build bulky muscle like lifting weights will. It will stimulate your muscles in ways that conventional strength training doesn’t. When you lift your body into different positions and hold it in place, you are raising your own body weight instead of weights. Though this may not seem as strenuous as lifting weights in the gym, yoga does build significant core strength. Athletes that participate in combat sports derive the majority of their power from the core of their body so this can be very beneficial.

Joint Motility
Grappling techniques and mixed martial arts moves can put a considerable amount of wear and tear on a fighter’s joints. The positions and stretches in yoga bend your joints to their limit and help squeeze out the old fluid in your joints and allow a fresh supply to flow in. Keeping your joints healthy and filled with fresh fluid ensures that they remain bendable and durable. Healthy joints are less prone to injury than joints that are stiff and lack mobility.

Balance and Flexibility
The extreme stretches in yoga will cause your muscle fibers to loosen and remain more flexible over time. Joint damage, lower back problems, and muscle tears are injuries that can be avoided by the deep stretches that yoga provides. Deep stretches also increase the blood flow to various parts of the body and carry the essential nutrients needed to feed the muscles stimulated by the stretches. As your flexibility improves, your balance will improve as well. Many of the poses in yoga require excellent balance. This practice can help you develop your awareness of your body and how to shift your body weight to maintain your balance.

Limber hips and legs are invaluable for martial artists. Increased range of motion and strike power are all important for powerful kicks and strikes. Being able to defend yourself from takedowns and breaking your opponents’ holds also requires a significant degree of flexibility. If you’re looking for a new workout to add to your training routine, yoga has plenty of benefits for MMA fighters.

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