Should You Wrap Your Wrists for Heavy Bag Training?

Boxing Gyms In RaleighWrapping your hands to hit the heavy bag, engage in MMA practice, boxing, or muay thai is essential for protecting your hands. Bear in mind that hand wraps are not a replacement for the bag glove, nor are they going to protect your knuckles or offer you extra padding. What they will do is support your wrists and give you additional protection for your hands as you learn the right way to punch and develop your control and power. For a great alternative to traditional boxing gyms in Raleigh, call Gracie now. We specialize in muay thai, BJJ, self defense, and lots more.

Hand wraps come in different lengths as well as various material flexibilities. Choosing the right length, flexibility and learning the correct technique for wrapping is crucial. Failing to wrap your hands properly can lead to injury. If you have larger hands, choose wraps that are approximately 180 inches in length. Those with smaller hands will need to opt for the 120 inch wraps. Choose a flexible and breathable material for your wraps. Consider buying multiple sets of wraps because they will need to be cleaned regularly.

Proper hand wrapping technique can vary slightly from coach to coach and from practitioner to practitioner. Regardless of the method that you are taught, if your hands are wrapped correctly, the wraps will help tighten your fists and provide stable support for your wrists. Follow this easy step by step guide to wrap your hands:

1. Begin by wrapping over the back of your hand. Hook your thumb through the loop of the hand wrap and pull the material tightly across the back of your hand towards your pinky.
2. The size of your hand and wrist will impact how many times you can go around your wrist during this step. Wrap the hand wrap around your wrist three times. Pull tight enough to give your wrist support and then bring the wrap up and across the palm of your hand.
3. In this step, you are looking to provide support to the bones of your hand. Do not focus on supporting your knuckle joints in this step. Bring the wrap around your hand three times and align it with the bottom of your knuckles. Continue to wrap from the outside of your hand to the wrist at the bottom outside of your thumb.
4. Passing the wrap over the back of your hand and in between the web of your fingers – starting with the pinky and ring fingers first – begin to make three x’s across the back of your hand while you weave between your fingers. This step will provide support for your knuckles. Finish this step with the wrapping on the top of your thumb.
5. Thumb support comes into play during this next step. Wrap the thumb one time and then turn your palm over and go across the back of your hand to the bottom of your wrist. Continue across your wrist and bring the wrap over the top of your thumb. Bring the wrap straight across your palm. You are now wrapping your hand in the opposite direction. This is correct.
6. Go over your knuckles two to three times. Complete your wraps and finish with the velcro of the wrap on your wrist.

If you have finished wrapping your hands and you are unable to secure the velcro because it is upside down, try going back to where you flipped your hand over and rewrapping. If you are still unable to wrap successfully, we invite you to stop by the gym and let one of our expert coaches help you wrap your hands the right way.

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