Guide for White Belts Prepping for Their First Tournament

jiu jitsu classes in raleighBefore you decide to enroll in your first tournament as a white belt, there are numerous things to take into consideration. Proper timing for your first competition may not be the same for all white belts. An honest evaluation of your skills and a talk with your coach can help you determine if now is the right time for you to enter a competition. If the answer is no after careful consideration and discussion, don’t be discouraged. A good fighter learns from successes and from setbacks. Use the feedback of your coach, sparring partners, and fellow fighters to help you know where you need to focus your efforts as you train. Before long you may find that not yet turns into right now! When your coach says you are ready, here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare to compete. Affordable jiu jitsu classes in Raleigh begin with Gracie Raleigh. Call us today to learn more.

Give Yourself Ample Time to Prepare
Even the most advanced fighter needs time to get ready to compete. Generally, you’ll want to allow yourself between six and eight weeks of training time before your tournament. This lead time is crucial as it gives you time to review your skills, get in additional sparring time, and refine your nutritional plan. Trying to rush through these preparations can hamper your ability to perform at your best.

Don’t Skip Preparations Outside the Gym
Extra workout time, multiple sparring partners, and one-on-one coaching sessions won’t mean anything if you aren’t taking care of yourself outside of the gym. Make sure that you are eating a healthy diet, getting between seven and eight hours of sleep, staying hydrated, and finding ways to balance training for your tournament, work, and family commitments.

Ask for Feedback
As you prepare, get feedback about your performance from coaches, sparring partners, and trusted friends. Have someone record your training sessions so that you can review them and critique your own moves. Every fighter has certain moves that they fall back on when they feel pressured during a match. Learning to recognize these patterns in your fighting style can help you shake things up and use different skills. You want to avoid becoming predictable in your moves during your match.

Choose the Right Tournament
Before you enroll in a tournament, you’ll need to carefully evaluate which one seems to be the best choice for you. For more on selecting the right tournament, see our previous post.

Plan for the Big Day
Before the day of the tournament, ensure that you know all the rules of the competition and that you have all the required equipment to compete. Be sure to stock your bag with plenty of snacks and a refillable water bottle as the food choices at tournaments can be somewhat limited. Know how far in advance you want to plan to arrive to get checked in and claim a spot to warm up before your first match.

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