Requirements for Your First Stripe for Your White Belt

taekwondo classes in raleighIf you are new, or wanting to learn about jiu jitsu, you may be wondering what the requirements are to get your first stripe for your white belt. This usually depends on your gym and instructor, but in today’s post we will strive to give you an idea of what to expect.

For starters, training in jiu jitsu is not like taking taekwondo classes in Raleigh. Taekwondo usually relies on strikes from the hands and legs, whereas jiu jitsu uses momentum and leverage. Jiu jitsu is an optimal form of self defense where a smaller person can overtake a larger, and heavier opponent.

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What Are the Requirements for Your First Stripe for Your White Belt?

Proper Etiquette

  • Tying your belt correctly
  • Bowing etiquette – You’ll learning how to “bow in” during your first night

Basic Drills

  • Shrimping (hip escape)
  • Shrimp to knees (hip escape to the knees)
  • Four point base
  • Forward and backward roll
  • Forward break fall
  • Technical stand-up


  • Basic judo stance and grips
  • Basic wrestling stance and grips
  • Countering a hip throw
  • Sprawl


  • Breaking posture from the bottom
  • Maintaining posture from the top

Side Control

  • Basic pressure and control from the top
  • Basic frames and hip movement from the bottom
  • Mount defense from the bottom


  • Basic top control
  • Proper arm position from the bottom
  • Upa escape
  • Rear mount (Taking the Back)
  • Basic position for taking back control

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