Verbal Self-Defense

Self Defense Near RaleighUsing verbal commands for self-defense is not a new idea. Its been used by psychologists, police, and other professions all around the country for years. The term most used to describe this course of action is called verbal judo. We’re going to discuss this more below. If you’re searching for the best martial arts, BJJ, or self defense near Raleigh, call Gracie right now to learn more.

Does Using Verbal Judo Really Work In Self-Defense Situations?

In today’s world, self-defense knowledge is extremely valuable. The risks of doing just about any activity these days seems high. Random acts of violence, like muggings, road-rage, unprovoked attacks, and more, are happening every day to unprepared people.

One key element of self-defense is predicting and avoiding physical aggression. It takes a mixture of art and science, and training to do this well. It is not an easy task, especially when the adrenaline is pumping. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of a confrontation, using verbal judo could be the key to your safety.

George “Doc” Thompson, a successful police trainer, is the creator of verbal judo. He coined this tactic in his first book in 1983. In one his police training videos from the 1990s, Thompson said “Anybody can teach English,” yet “Not anybody can talk a knife out of somebody’s hand.” This is a powerful statement that really explains the basis of verbal judo.

Verbal judo is essentially a type of conflict management, or a Jedi mind trick (if you follow StarWars). The true essence of verbal judo is to redirect hostilities and influence the aggressor into thinking on your terms. It involves using the right choice of words, tone of voice, posture, and body language to deescalate a potentially violent situation before it reaches the next level.

To be successful using verbal self-defense, you must have a lot of confidence in yourself and a genuine compassion towards the aggressor. The latter is hardest part, but knowing that both of you get to walk away unharmed is the ultimate victory. You have to remember, the most important part of self-defense is your safety and avoiding a fight.

In our next post, we’ll continue the series with more information on verbal self-defense tactics. Are you looking to take your training to the next level this summer? Gracie Raleigh can help. Call today and ask about our special free classes for beginners.

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