More On Verbal Self Defense

Kids Self Defense Classes In RaleighSelf defense isn’t always about physical fighting skills. Being able to talk your way out of a violent confrontation can be just as important when faced with a situation like this. In our last post, we started talking about verbal judo and how it works. Below you’ll find how you can use words instead of fists to fight your battles. If you’re searching for the best adult or kids self defense classes in Raleigh, keep reading to see how Gracie can help your family! Call today to learn more about our martial arts programs.

Using Verbal Self Defense Effectively

Be In Control

To effectively use verbal self defense, you have to first be in control of your emotions. Even if you’re scared or anxious, appearing as calm and in control of the situation will help defuse a confrontation. You have to stay calm and be calm at all times. If you’re coming across as anxious, the attacker could possibly pick up on it. This can motivate an aggressor to act on their violent intentions.

Taking a calm approach means you’re speaking in low and non-aggressive tone. Your body language needs to stay neutral as well. If you’re bucking up for a fight, clinching your fists, and tensing up, then your attacker will read this as a challenge.

Don’t Reciprocate

If you’re faced with physical confrontation, don’t reciprocate their actions unless your life is in danger. If they insult you, do not insult them back. If you get pushed, do not push back. The goal here is to not match their negative energy. Your main concern is to make it home safe and stay out of trouble. Only use violence as a last ditch effort.

Speak Up For Yourself

You will have to speak up for yourself. But instead of doing so aggressively, take a different approach. Let the person know that you’re not interested in fighting. You should take an easy step backwards and put your palms up, facing outwards, like you’re pressing them against the wall. Repeat your intentions on not fighting. This will also help you to create space. Just a little bit of space can help you defend an attack a lot easier if they decide to act.

Confuse Them

Another good use of verbal judo is saying things that will confuse your attacker. Saying something completely off the wall, and off-topic, will often times make an aggressor stop dead in his or her tracks. They’ll pause their aggressive intentions and try to figure out what you’re talking about. The confusion redirects their negative energy just long enough for an adrenaline dump. If you notice a change in their body language and posture to something more non-aggressive, you know that there’s a big chance the altercation has been avoided.

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