More Valentine’s Day Gifts for Muay Thai and Martial Arts Lovers

Boxing Gyms in Raleigh NCWelcome back to our next post on Valentine’s Day gifts for your combat sport lover. In our last post, we linked you to online stores to check out custom made mouthguards and a breathable and washable clip-on bag to store your hand-wraps as part of our unique gift list. Click here if you’re interested.

Today we’re going to bring you a few more great ideas. Did you know that Gracie is a great alternative to¬†searching for boxing gyms in Raleigh? Why not try something new in 2017? At Gracie Raleigh, we’re the premier martial arts gym in the Triangle. We specialize in muay thai, BJJ, self defense, and more. Call us today to learn how you can get started for free!

More Valentine’s Day Gifts for Combat Sport Lovers

Private Instruction

A great gift for Valentine’s Day is to pay for some private instruction at Gracie Raleigh. Gracie is the premier gym in Raleigh NC for all combat sports lovers. Gracie Raleigh even offers free martial arts class for beginners. If you have any questions on how to get started, please give us a call today.

Fancy New Pair of Muay Thai Shorts

If you’re looking for a unique and outside of the box gift idea for a muay thai lover, consider a new pair of combat shorts. Just check out a few of these links below to find a pair of flashy trunks that works for you.

Muay Thai Stuff
Muay Thai Factory
Twins Brand – Amazon

Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Another sure-fire hit gift is a new pair of muay thai boxing gloves. Even if your combat sports fan has a fairly new pair of boxing gloves, you can still get them bag gloves, sparring gloves, or a set of weighted gloves. Each different type of gloves serves a unique purpose.

Thai Boxing Oil

Combat sports can take a lot out of a person. When they’re on a off day, they’ll want to find ways to relax and recover. Here’s a link to some authentic Thai Boxing Oil. This stuff is great for aching muscles.

Did we miss on a great gift idea? Let us know in the comments section. Looking for a new combat sport challenge in 2017? Keep reading to see how Gracie can help you.

Searching for Alternative Boxing Gyms in Raleigh NC? Try Muay Thai at Gracie Instead!

At Gracie Raleigh we are not like traditional boxing gyms in Raleigh NC! However, we can train you in BJJ, muay thai, and self-defense. We offer a superior martial arts program that will teach you the most effective ways to utilize punches, kicks, knees and elbows for self defense against attackers. Come ready and be prepared to get a great workout! Most classes will focus on bag work, pad work and partner drills. We even offer free classes so you can try before you buy.

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