How to Train Properly for an Upcoming BJJ Competition

BJJ in RaleighOnce you have registered for a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament the hard work begins. All of the hours of extra training that lay ahead of you, the changes to your diet, and ensuring that you get adequate rest are all part of the preparations for your competition. However, knowing where to start and what the right steps are for your training can be confusing. Training in BJJ is complex. As you train for your tournament, you will find that there are elements of your performance that need improvement. Some of these may be areas you may never have considered as needing work until you begin to train for competition. Searching for BJJ in Raleigh? Call Gracie Raleigh!

Make a Plan
After you have committed to the competition, it is important to meet with your coach to discuss how you will spend your time training. Review areas of your skill set that feel weak to you and get feedback from your coach on where he or she thinks you need improvement. Set up a few sparring sessions with opponents who are at your same level and have a trusted friend or family member videotape these sessions. As you review them, you will find out that you have some default moves that you rely on when you feel threatened. Learning to expand your skills, vary your movements, and not get into a pattern can help you become successful at competitive events.

Balance Training and Rest Time
Long hours in the gym don’t mean anything if you are neglecting your body’s need to rest and recover. Schedule time away from the gym to relax and enjoy friends and family. Getting adequate sleep is just as crucial to your success as spending time reviewing tapes of sparring sessions, hitting the gym, and doing rolling drills.

Don’t Skip Your Warm Up
Once the day of the tournament arrives, it is easy to get sucked into the excitement of watching other fighters compete and the demonstrations. However, be sure that you leave enough time for a thorough warm up before you step onto the mat. Arrive early  to claim your spot in the warm up area and give yourself plenty of time for stretching and flow rolling.

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