Top Muay Thai Gifts for 2018

Muay Thai Training in RaleighDo you have a Muay Thai fan or fighter on your holiday shopping list this season? If so, we know what they are wishing for! Here are some great gift ideas to make sure your fighter gets something they’ll love this year. If you have questions about muay thai training in Raleigh then give us a call. Gracie Raleigh is number one for all sorts of MMA.

Muay Thai Movies
Many people don’t know that there are muay thai movies. Western boxing and Chinese kung fu are more prevalent in films so managing to find a movie that features Muay Thai is exciting. Two great choices are also classic martial arts movies. The Thai action star, Tony Jaa starred in a 2003 feature film Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior. This stylized and well-choreographed Muay Thai movie has led to two sequels and generated a renewed interest in the sport and attracted new fans. One of the earliest films to feature Muay Thai was 1989’s Kickboxer starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. The movie may not be the most accurate depiction of the sport and is full of Asian stereotypes, but it is an entertaining movie filled with great kickboxing sequences, an evil villain, a beautiful love interest and an old kung fu master.

Custom Muay Thai Shorts
Muay Thai shorts define the fighter and can be personalized for anyone training in the arts. Customize your favorite fighter’s shorts with their name or words that describe him or her. Every Muay Thai fighter dreams of having their own custom shorts one day. Shop for custom shorts at or at

A Trip to Bangkok
The Thai people are sincere, warm, and kind. The traffic in the city can make you crazy, and the weather can wear you down, but the friendly welcome from the locals, the incredible food, and the opportunity to train with your idols makes the trip worth it. Don’t miss the Lumpini Stadium fights, the chance to shop for Muay Thai gear, and the wild nightlife.

Gym Bag
Ask any Muay Thai fighter what one of their most prized possessions is, and they will tell you their gym bag. A well made, well-stocked gym bag is the key to any Muay Thai fighter’s heart. Finding one that is large enough to hold all the gear and with enough pockets to stash snacks, tape, and mouthguards can be tricky. When in doubt, give them a gift certificate or offer to take them shopping for their bag.

Muay Thai Books
There are hundreds of books published on Muay Thai. While most of the books focus on training strategies and techniques, opt for an inspiring story about a fighters’ life. Shop for books by Sam Sheridan, Matt Lucas, or Michael Goodison on

Affordable Muay Thai Training in Raleigh

Want to give the gift of martial arts training this holiday season? Give the gift of Gracie Raleigh. Our gym features classes for all ages and skill levels. Parents can give martial arts classes with confidence knowing that they are never locked into a contract for their child’s classes. Call or stop by the gym today to learn more about our muay thai training in Raleigh and to get your favorite up and coming fighter a gift certificate.