Tips for Cleaning Your MMA Mats

martial arts classes in RaleighWhether you are cleaning the mats in the gym you work in or the mats in your home gym, keeping mats cleaned and sanitized is important. These mats keep you safe while you learn the ground moves you need to be a successful MMA practitioner. Keeping them in the best condition possible is essential. Mats are expensive to replace¬†and they can deteriorate and breakdown over time if not cared for properly. If you’re looking to train at the best mixed martial arts classes in Raleigh, call Gracie today. Ask about our free programs.

Regular cleaning of your MMA mats helps stop the spread of bacteria and keeps your gym from smelling funky. The nature of MMA involves close contact with other people and direct contact with MMA mats and other equipment. A thorough cleaning of mats and equipment helps reduce the spread of bacterial infections that can cause numerous skin conditions. These skin infections are not to be taken lightly. Keeping clean and choosing to practice with those who have good personal hygiene can help reduce your risk, but if the mats are unclean or there has been a recent case of these skin conditions in the gym, the mats must be cleaned.

Skin conditions like ringworm, impetigo, erysipelas, furunculosis, and folliculitis are the most common bacterial skin conditions that are spread throughout gyms each year. All of these infections are highly contagious and are easily spread across dirty mats. Ridding yourself of one of these conditions can take weeks, but they are preventable.

One of the most common mistakes that occurs when people clean their mats is the use of bleach in the cleaning solution. While this may seem like a good way to kill bacteria, germs, and unpleasant odors, the truth is that bleach and other strong detergents are known to aggravate chronic lung conditions and asthma. Using these chemicals on the mats could cause health hazards for some of your practitioners. These strong chemicals can linger on mats and be absorbed into the skin and cause irritations or burns.

Instead of using these harsh chemicals, opt for a natural product like apple cider vinegar diluted with water. While you may not want your gym to smell like vinegar, the reality is that the smell dissipates quickly and leaves your mats sanitized and ready for use. If you’re still not convinced that vinegar is the best option for cleaning your mats, tea tree oil, pine oil, and white vinegar will also do the trick. No matter which one you choose, be sure to dilute with water prior to spraying the solution lightly over your mats. Wipe down your mats thoroughly with clean cotton cloths and allow them to air dry overnight if possible.

Be realistic about the age and condition of your mats. If the materials have broken down over years of use or the covering on the mats has torn or become threadbare, the mats may be difficult to clean and can hang on to bacteria even after a cleaning. Replacing worn equipment is expensive but will help keep your gym looking fresh and inviting and keep your MMA students from battling recurring skin infections.

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