How to Throw a Muay-Thai Cross

Kickboxing Gym in RaleighLearning how to throw a cross punch is one of the most basic and essential punching techniques you need to learn before beginning to spar or compete. Though it may be one of the very first techniques you learn in your Muay-Thai training, it is one of the most potent, effective and explosive strikes in your arsenal when it is delivered correctly. When combined with a jab, a cross punch is even more dangerous. Here’s what you need to know to execute this match changing move successfully. Are you in search of a fun and exciting kickboxing gym in Raleigh, NC? Gracie Raleigh has what you’re looking for. Get started today with a free kickboxing class by clicking here!

  • Keep your opposite hand up. Use your opposite hand for defense purposes while you punch.
  • Sit down with your punches. Stay centered on your feet, bend your knees, and try not to lunge forward when you punch. Doing so will help you keep your balance and enable you to move into a defensive pose quickly if your opponent counterpunches.
  • Point your elbows downwards and keep them tight. Your punches will be more efficient, and you will be able to deliver quicker and straighter blows.
  • Rotate your shoulders and hips. Your power comes from the rotation of your body, not your arm. Use your whole torso when you punch.
  • Snap your punches. Envision your arm being a whip. Once you punch, you need to bring your arm back to your chin as quickly as you threw it out. This will help make your punches ‘snap’.
  • Pivot your back foot. Not only does this help you open your hips it also enables you to generate punches with more speed and power. If you don’t pivot, you aren’t using your legs to give you power.

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