Thinking About Starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

karate lessons in raleighIf you are thinking about learning Brazilian jiu jitsu, then there are some things that you should know before signing up for one of our free classes. First of all, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art and combat sport. BJJ is really beneficial in that it can teach a smaller person how to defend themselves against larger adversaries. This is accomplished by using leverage and the right techniques. The Gracie family are the founders of BJJ. They modified judo and traditional Japanese jujutsu to create this unique style.

Brazilian jiu jitsu is great for people of any gender, age, and body type. This martial art is also perfect for personal self-defense as well. Training in BJJ has many benefits. Our students typically tell us that they gain more self confidence in themselves, they start to understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, they start eating better and even losing weight. We’ve even heard some say that BJJ has really changed their life and saved them a few times. To really get the full benefits of Brazilian jiu jitsu, students must apply themselves with lots of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Before starting your training, please understand that you’re not going to be very good at the things that we do in the beginning. This is natural and normal because BJJ is all about techniques, and knowing when to use them. As a new student we suggest that you really have patience and set realistic goals for yourself. This way you will avoid early frustrations. Even if you have a black belt in another form of martial arts, do not expect to be able to walk into the gym and understand the intricacies of Brazilian jiu jitsu right off the bat. This combat sport does have a learning curve so don’t expect to start tapping people out right away. That being said, don’t give up! Have faith in the techniques and understand that over time you will evolve.

Think about learning Brazilian jiu jitsu like being in a race, except this race is not a sprint. BJJ is a long distance marathon. You have a long way to go before you see the actual finish line. But that is also one of the most wonderful aspects of the sport. It’s always evolving and new techniques are always being developed. For most practitioners of BJJ, it becomes a way of life and not just a form of exercise. Even BJJ black belts strive to learn and get better during each training session.

Tired of Karate Lessons in Raleigh?

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