The 7 Cs of Resilience: How Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Nurtures Strong, Confident Kids

At Gracie Raleigh, we understand that building resilience in children is crucial for their growth and development. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and martial arts are not just about physical strength; they are powerful tools for nurturing resilience in young minds.

Pediatrician Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg identified 7 components–the “7 C’s of resilience”–that together allow a child to show resilience in the face of life’s challenges: competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control. Today we’ll explore how the 7 Cs of resilience align perfectly with BJJ training and how we can use martial arts as a way to instill these in our students.

1. Competence: In our BJJ classes, we focus on recognizing and nurturing each child’s unique strengths and abilities. Whether it’s mastering a new move or improving their technique, we ensure that every child feels seen and appreciated for their efforts and skills.

2. Confidence: Through consistent practice and guidance, BJJ instills a strong belief in children about their abilities. Our training pushes them to achieve, setting them up for age-appropriate challenges and successes, fostering a sense of accomplishment and self-belief.

3. Connection: BJJ training at Gracie Raleigh is more than learning self-defense; it’s about being part of a supportive community. Our students develop strong connections with peers and mentors, creating a sense of belonging and teamwork that extends beyond the dojo.

4. Character: Our martial arts training emphasizes moral values, teaching children the difference between right and wrong. We guide them to make wise choices, contributing positively to their surroundings and growing into responsible adults.

5. Contribution: In our classes, children learn the joy of helping others, whether it’s through assisting a peer with a technique or participating in community events. This sense of contribution reinforces their ability to seek help when needed, an essential aspect of resilience.

6. Coping: BJJ teaches children healthy coping strategies for stress. By learning to break down challenges, avoid triggers, and let go of unimportant stresses, they develop the skills to manage life’s ups and downs effectively.

7. Control: Our training empowers children to understand that they have control over their actions and decisions. This realization boosts their confidence to face challenges, knowing they have the resilience to bounce back. Closing Thoughts Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is more than just a martial art; it’s a pathway to building resilient, confident, and well-rounded individuals. At Gracie Raleigh, we’re committed to guiding our young warriors on this journey of growth and resilience. #BJJKids #ResilienceTraining #GracieRaleigh