Teaching Children to Be Good Sports

kids self defense classes in raleighTeaching children how to be a good sport and show good sportsmanship is an important life lesson. It’s one that should be taught early and often. But as a parent, how do you really define what being a good sport is?

That’s the big question we’re looking to answer in today’s post. If you’re searching for the best kids martial arts, BJJ, or kids self defense classes in Raleigh, keep reading to see how Gracie can help! Call today to learn more.

Defining Good Sportsmanship

Good sportsmanship is, in essence, a type of conduct. Webster defines it as “fair play, respect for opponents, and polite behavior by someone who is competing in a sport or other competition.” It means playing by the rules, not cheating to win, winning without taunting, always showing respect to your opponent, their coaches, and the officials, and knowing how to accept a loss graciously.

If you’re a parent or a coach of children, here are few principles that you can use to help your kids show good sportsmanship:

  • Do not make excuses when you lose a match or competition. Do not blame the officials. Accept the outcome and work on only the things you can control.
  • If you win a competition, do not taunt your opponent or celebrate excessively.
  • Learn from mistakes and get back in the game.
  • Always do your best.
  • If someone else makes a mistake, remain encouraging and avoid criticizing.
  • Show respect for yourself, your team, your opponents and the officials of the game.

Children look up to their parents and coaches as role models, so it’s really important that you display these positive principles every chance you get. Regardless of if you play a sport or not, let your child see you always being a good sport in all aspects of life.

Be sure to join us for our next post where we discuss even more ways you can teach your child on how to be a good sport. If your child is looking for a new challenge, keep reading. Gracie Raleigh might be able to help you.

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