What Is the Spider Guard in BJJ?

Raleigh BJJ If you are a BJJ practitioner, learning new techniques is a must, especially when these techniques offer you the ability to gain control of your opponent from the open guard position. While the spider guard may look simple, executing the move is complex and requires you to stay moving. You’ll also need to learn how to compensate for your opponent’s movements and set up your own to counter. For the best Raleigh BJJ classes, call Gracie Raleigh.

The move originated in kosen judo and was later developed into BJJ during the 1980s. While there are many variations of the spider guard, the most common use is when the competitor who is holding guard holds both of his or her opponent’s sleeves while placing their feet on their opponent’s biceps. The guard player is then allowed more range of movement in his hips, which keeps the opponent from controlling his head or applying pressure. One of the most crucial aspects of this move is that a gi is present so that the guard player has an adequate grip on their opponent. Flexibility and leg strength are also key to making this complicated move a success.

Understanding this difficult move can be a challenge, even for the most seasoned BJJ practitioner. For those looking for resources on how to perform this move, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that can help illustrate the movements required to execute the spider guard.

Even if you never have the opportunity to use the spider guard on an opponent, practicing the move can help improve your leg and foot dexterity.

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