More Ways to Speed Up Your Recovery

raleigh boxing gymsWelcome back to our continuing series on recovering after training. In our previous post, we shared tips for altering the activities you do after a strenuous training session to help expedite your recovery. However, experts agree that changing your workouts isn’t the only factor in repairing the damage and fatigue your body is struggling to overcome. Here are some more ways you can help your body recover. Searching for Raleigh boxing gyms? Call Gracie Raleigh today.

Using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Aleve and Advil can help reduce the discomfort of muscle soreness. While it is not advisable to use these medications for long-term pain management, it is okay to use them for a short period of time based on your soreness levels.

Pre and Post-Workout Nutrition
What you consume before and after your workout may have a significant impact on the severity of the muscle soreness you will experience after an intense training session. Dieticians recommend consuming a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein either before or after a workout.

There are multiple factors that will inhibit your recovery process and can cause you to lose valuable training time.

Forcing yourself to push through muscle soreness or injury and continuing to train can cause your pain or injury to worsen.

Your body needs rest in order to heal. Continuing to train and further fatiguing yourself will only inhibit your body’s ability to repair and recover.

Lack of Proper Nutrition and Hydration
Eating a well-balanced diet and drinking water to stay adequately hydrated is crucial for your recovery. Being deficient in potassium or not getting enough protein can make muscle pain more intense.

When it comes to selecting the right foods to eat to aid your recovery, here are some of the best ones to choose from:

High-protein Foods
Eggs, meat, and dairy contain proteins that can help repair your muscles. Protein is a building block of muscle and can help you repair sore muscles and minor tears.

Potassium Rich Foods
Soreness and cramping are made worse by low levels of potassium in your body. Get a boost for your potassium levels with foods like raisins, potatoes, bananas, oranges, and melons.

Cherries contain anthocyanins which have been shown to reduce inflammation in muscles.

High in bromelain, pineapple has been used to treat sprains, strains, and bruises because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Healing your body after an intense training session is crucial for furthering your skills as an athlete and a martial artist. At Gracie Raleigh, we know that using proper nutrition, alternating exercises, and resting are essential to your progress. Our staff works hard to help our students get the most out of their training sessions and to approach their MMA practice or martial arts skills with the best care of their body and well-being in mind.

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