Why Speed and Quickness Is Important For MMA

Martial Arts in RaleighIf you read our last post, then you know that we’re focusing on speed and quickness for MMA. Having good speed and quickness is important for all mixed martial artists. Why is that? Keep reading to learn the answers. If you are ready to take your MMA training seriously then call Gracie Raleigh today. We offer the most affordable programs for mixed martial arts in Raleigh NC, and free classes for beginners. Call now or click here to get started with BJJ, muay thai, MMA, and more!

The Differences Between Speed and Quickness

When we talk about speed, we’re usually referring to moving as fast as possible in a straight line. This is also called linear speed. This includes how fast you can move your arms and legs from point A to point B. Quickness is your reflexive reactions, or how fast your body reacts.

Why Speed and Quickness are Important For MMA

MMA and other combat sports enthusiasts often times will say that speed kills. This means that if you can throw fast hands and feet, then you’ll have a better chance of knocking your opponent out. Furthermore, speed is also an essential element to striking harder, more so than mass. So if you want to hit harder, get faster not bigger.

As we mentioned above, quickness is akin to body reflexes. Having extremely quick reflexes is important for both offense and defense in MMA. Blocking and dodging kicks and punches require quick reflexes. The same goes for setting yourself up for offense. In most cases, you only have a split second to make the right move before your opponent counters.

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