Setting up a Home Boxing Gym

boxing gyms in raleighAlmost anyone can participate in boxing, but having the right equipment and training is crucial. The strength and fitness benefits that come from training in boxing are significant and, as a bonus, you can practice your skills almost anywhere. For some, having their own gym right in their home motivates them to train without having to rely on a personal trainer or worrying about trying to get to boxing gyms in Raleigh every day. Making your home suitable for boxing training requires adequate space and the right equipment. Here’s what you need to start your own home boxing gym.

Hand Wraps
Investing in good quality wraps and learning how to wrap them the right way is essential. See our previous post on how to wrap your hands. Gel-filled undergloves are convenient and feature gel protective padding. These fingerless workout gloves can take the place of traditional wraps, but they are more expensive. The fit of these gloves is important. They must fit snugly. Traditional wraps should be about four meters in length and made of tightly woven fabric. These wraps give you a great amount of protection and are easy to use.

There are three different types of gloves. Competition gloves are available in both 8 and 10 oz options. The gloves are longer at the wrist with evenly distributed padding. Bag mitts allow you to feel the power behind your punches more than a traditional boxing glove. These gloves weigh in at 10 to 12 oz depending upon user preference. Sparring gloves are more substantial than your other glove options but they offer more padding. Since you will spend more time training and sparring than you will in the ring a good pair is a necessity.

Skipping Rope
High-speed skipping is the preferred cardio method for boxing training. Not your grade school jump rope, these speed ropes are made of leather and feature wooden or steel handles. Look for a rope that is heavy enough to allow for high speed skipping to get your heart pumping.

Focus Pads
Avoid the temptation to get a pair of pads that are oversized. A tight and focused area is what you want to have when it comes to training with your partner. Not only does this make the accuracy of your punches more crucial, it also helps you mimic a realistic fight experience during your training.

A full set of dumbbells can become a large investment rather quickly, but an adjustable dumbbell set can help reduce the cost of this equipment significantly. Adjusting the weight from 10 to 80 pounds can help you get a full workout without the full price. Another must-have weight item is a set of weight plates. As your strength increases, you can add to the set. Most beginning boxers find that a 160-pound set is an excellent initial investment. Other essential weight equipment includes kettlebells and a good quality barbell.

Boxing Gyms in Raleigh and More

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