Gracie Raleigh Rules

We have a set of guidelines we ask all members to follow. These rules are to help facilitate a safe and clean training environment. We require all members to follow them. The rules for the kids class and parents are below these.

  • Sign in before starting class
  • No Food in the gym
  • Be on time. Tardiness should be an exception, not the norm.  If late to class, wait for the coach’s permission before entering the mat
  • Wear a rash guard under your gi
  • All students must have a Gracie Raleigh patch on their uniform 
  • No dirty feet/shoes on the mat
  • You must wear shoes/flip flops when not on the mat 
  • All jewelry, piercing necklaces and  other Items should be removed during training 
  • Wait until previous class is finished  before entering the gym 
  • Be respectful 
  • Address the instructors as coach 
  • During class, when the instructor is demonstrating the techniques, every student must sit or stand in good posture 
  • Talking should be kept to a minimum and should be related to the  class 
  • All training gear and bags should  be left in the locker room, or designated areas 
  • Help in keeping the locker room and gym clean
  • Always wear a clean uniform
  • Be respectful to your training partners  
  • Keep fingernails and toenails neatly  trimmed 
  • No shoes, food, or drink on the mat 
  • Bow before stepping on the mat for  class
  • No foul language 
  • Wear a shirt or Gi top when in the gym
  • Heel Hooks are only allowed during  No Gi by colored belts 
  • White belts should not ask black belts to roll 
  • You must have a white stripe to start standing up during Sparring 


Kids Class Rules

  • Kids 5-7 class is white gi only
  • Kids 8-12 class will be white gi only starting 9/1/2024
  • Do not wear shoes on the mats
  • Be respectful to your instructor and classmates
  • Bow before entering and exiting the mats
  • Your Gi must have a Gracie Raleigh Patch and you must have a rashguard underneath
  • If you step on the mat before class you must be practicing Jiu Jitsu or sitting respectfully
  • Before and after each class- stand in line with good posture, belt correctly tied, with hands by your side.
  • Do not talk when the instructor is talking
  • Maintain eye contact with the instructor when he/she is speaking
  • Always try your best
  • Unless you are doing Jiu-Jitsu keep your hands to yourself
  • Treat others as you wish to be treated
  • Always sign in before class
  • Always address the instructor as sir, ma’am, or coach
  • Always shake hands before sparring
  • During Class, when the instructor is demonstrating the techniques, every student must sit or stand in good posture.


Parents and Guardians

  • Make class registrations as early as possible
  • Check in your student to class before each class
  • Monitor your kids off the mat during class at ALL times
  • No food or drink other than water
  • No playing on the stairs
  • No sideline coaching
  • Minimize device noise & distractions off the mat

Boxingdei Club

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