What Is a Rashguard Used for in BJJ?

Martial Arts Classes in RaleighA rashguard is used to protect your skin while you grapple in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. When you begin to consider how much contact your skin has with the mats in the gym and your sparring partner’s body, you start to realize that protecting your skin against bacteria is essential. Minor cuts, rashes, and abrasions on your body can let this bacteria into your skin and cause everything from mild irritations to significant infections. Wearing a rashguard protects against this and it also helps prevent injuries and improve your performance. Looking for mixed martial arts classes in Raleigh NC this winter? Call Gracie to learn more.

While you are rolling around on the mat, a traditional gi will naturally open. This exposes your opponent’s chest and allows for as much as 40% more skin surface area to be exposed. More skin means more contact with bacteria. A rashguard reduces the amount of skin to skin contact and the spread of bacteria exponentially.

Skin contact on the mats can produce friction scars. Wearing a rashguard prevents mat burn. While the gi does act as a barrier between your skin and the mat it can actually increase the friction your experience as you roll across the mat. The rashguard can divert that friction or displace it all together. When performing moves, such as elbow passes, that require you to put any part of your arm on the mat this reduction in friction is vital.

Rashguards can also improve your performance on the mats. Wicking away the moisture that accumulates on your body allows your gi to stay drier and helps alleviate some of the sweat transfer that you experience as you adjust your gi and retie your belt. While being sweaty can work to your benefit in jiu-jitsu, losing your grip on your opponent because your hands have become sweaty from all the moisture on your gi and belt isn’t beneficial. Wearing a rashguard can help control that moisture and improve your grip as you go in for the Kimura.

Another benefit to wearing a rashguard is the muscle compression that they provide. Minor acute injuries can slow or stall your performance so having the compression of the rashguard there to help reduce the incidence of these injuries is beneficial. Numerous research studies have shown that wearing a rashguard after rolling can improve your injury recovery time. Getting back on the mats faster after an injury or a particularly challenging matchup is vital.

Good rashguards are made of six panels minimum and are stitched with a very durable stitching pattern. The seams should be able to withstand stretching, sleeve pulls, and tugging. Avoid typical compression shirts which are made up of only four panels. These garments tend to ride up as you roll. This defeats the purpose since they won’t protect you from bacteria transfer and they could even end up restricting your movements.

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