Big Time Professional Athletes That Train in BJJ

 mixed martial arts in RaleighThanks to the popularity of the UFC, mixed martial arts in Raleigh, NC, and all over the world is becoming one the most premier sports. More and more people are watching, and more people are beginning to start their own journey. The excitement that people are feeling about the sport knows no bounds.

It’s even become so popular that some of the world’s biggest professional athletes are starting to get in on the fun. These athletes are at the top of their chosen sport, but to up their game, they’re looking to alternative forms of training to take the next step in their careers.

Over the course of the few blogs we are going tell which of these superstar athletes are hitting the mat and rolling their way to greatness. Below you’ll find an overview of what to expect in our next few posts. If you’re looking for affordable self defense, BJJ, muay thai, or mixed martial arts in Raleigh, Call Gracie today, and ask about our free classes.

Which Pro Athletes Train in BJJ?

Professional Athletes Who Train In BJJ

What does Tim Tebow, John Baker, Shaq, and many more have in common? They all love BJJ. Read more about how they got started in our next post.

More Professional Athletes Who Train In BJJ

Kelly Slater, Deron Williams, and Michael Westbrook walk into a BJJ gym … no, this isn’t a joke, this is real life for these big time pro athletes. Read more about their BJJ journeys.

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