How to Prepare Your Kids for an Active Shooter at School

kids martial arts in raleigh ncParents around the country are sitting down to talk to their children about what to do in an active shooter situation. Many schools from elementary to high school are helping their students prepare with active shooter drills and discussions in the classroom. While it may be hard for you to talk with your children about the possibility of encountering an active shooter, doing so can help save their lives. Here are the things your kids need to know about an active shooter situation. Make sure your kids are protected by signing them up for the best kids martial arts in Raleigh NC at Gracie.

Back Up the School’s Teachings

When your kids share with you that they have had an active shooter drill at school, talk with them about what their teacher and the staff instructed them to do. Discuss why the teacher is asking them to be quiet, why they are hiding, and answer any questions that your child may have. Reassure your child that in the event of an active shooter, you will be waiting for them at the reunion point.

Running Is the Best Chance for Survival

A moving target is more difficult to hit than a stationary one. Teach your child that once they are able to move to safety, they should do so quickly. Running away from danger in a zigzag pattern makes them more difficult to target. Running from one shield to another can also help provide cover until they are out of the building. Encourage your child to shield themselves with objects like concrete pillars until they can make their way to safety.

Hide if You Can’t Run

Unable to run to safety? Talk to your child about how to create a barrier between themselves and the shooter and hide out of sight. If the shooter is unable to open the door to a room or to see them from a window or doorway, he or she will most likely move on, and they may have a chance to escape. Your child should assume a crouching or kneeling position. Bullets follow a path to the floor when they ricochet, so keeping their head and torso off the floor can help prevent serious injury from a ricocheting bullet. They should also avoid hiding in a bathroom if at all possible. There is no way out and often no windows or anything to stop bullets.

Fight Only if You Have To

Teachers and other adults will be busy trying to figure out ways to overpower the shooter if they come into the room where others are hiding. Remember that everything can be used as an improvised weapon. They should look around and see what can be used to strike or distract the shooter. Books, scissors, fire extinguishers, and other heavy objects can be used to help hit or control the shooters hips, head, and spine.

Stay Calm and Survive

Remaining calm and staying focused on how to escape safely is essential for survival. Like panic, calm is contagious and can help the group focus on ways to work as a team to get to safety or disarm the shooter.

Affordable Kids Martial Arts In Raleigh NC

As difficult as it is to talk about your child about being involved in an active shooter situation, preparing them for the situation can help increase their chance of survival. At Gracie Raleigh, we know that giving your child an education in our kids martial arts in Raleigh NC can help them defend themselves in the event of an active shooter situation, but it can also teach them the self confidence and poise needed to obey commands and remain calm. Learn more about how martial arts can help your child develop survival skills. Call or come by the gym today!