What Parts of the Body Does Boxing Work?

Boxing Gyms In RaleighWe all know that boxing is great for building up our cardio levels, but what about the other parts of the body? Boxing as a fitness exercise is very explosive. Therefore, not only does boxing help your cardiovascular system, but it also trains many of your muscle groups as well. In fact, just a few months of hardcore boxing training can really help you make positive changes to your physique.

Below we are going to talk about each of the muscle groups that boxing helps to develop. If you are tired of searching for boxing gyms in Raleigh, why not try something new? At Gracie Raleigh, we’re the premier martial arts gym in the Triangle. We specialize in muay thai, BJJ, and self defense. Call us today to learn more.

Shoulders – For a great shoulder workout, boxing is a must. When you first start out learning how to box, you are going to feel that burn in your shoulders the most. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the bag or sparring with a partner, the extra weight of the gloves combined with throwing hundreds of punches will wear down your deltoids pretty quickly. When you throw a punch, this activates the front and middle deltoid heads; retracting the punch activates the rear deltoid.

Back – Boxing is also great for developing a great looking back. Punching is akin to pushing exercises so the same muscles that you use for a shoulder press are used to throw punches. During sparring, or a competitive match, the punches that both land and miss are retracted quickly to avoid the dreaded counter-punch. These motions work a muscle group in the back called the teres major. This group sits above the latissimus dorsi which makes up the back of the armpit and attaches to the upper humerus and the scapula.

Arms – Boxing is also great for building up all of the muscles in your upper arms. The biceps are used to stabilize the arms during hook type punches and help you to retract your arms quickly after throwing a punch. The triceps help the deltoids when throwing punches like a jab or cross.

Core – If you are familiar with fitness training, then you have heard about how important it is to work your core muscles. The same goes with boxing. You see, all the delivered power of a punch does not come from arm and shoulder strength alone. The core muscles play a very important role in transferring power to the arms during a punch. In fact, throwing a proper punch involves the entire body. Starting from the toes and ending in your fist, your core muscles coordinate your movements as your body works in unison to throw a punch.

This group of muscles contains the external obliques, which allow for twisting the body back and forth, as well as, the rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis for punching.

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