Non-Combat Sports That Are Great for MMA

kickboxing classes in raleighMMA fighters often come from diverse backgrounds that include other sports. Non-combat sports equip individuals with the mental and physical characteristics they need to become successful MMA fighters. To some, the connection between an utterly unrelated sport may seem to be a stretch. However, many of the seemingly unrelated sports give these budding MMA stars solid skill foundations to build their practice from. Regular kickboxing classes in Raleigh can be boring. Try something new this summer with Gracie Raleigh. Call today.

Sepak Takraw
Though it lacks popularity in the West, Sepak Takraw is a sport that is sometimes referred to as kick volleyball. With leg power that far exceeds that wielded by the average MMA fighter, Takraw players are supremely coordinated and boast superhuman flexibility. Core stability is vital for this game which would translate well to the octagon.

Balance, strength, and flexibility are honed by ballet dancers. The secret to being a great dancer doesn’t lie in the muscles of the body but in the mind. Putting their bodies through physical hell to perfect their craft leaves dancers with a work ethic that few sportsmen can comprehend. Mental focus and determination paired with flexibility, strength and superior balance makes for a difficult to defeat combination.

Cardio wins fights. While a triathlete may not be the strongest person in the world, their stamina and mental toughness make them a formidable opponent.

Being light, powerful, durable, and full of explosive speed is what makes a good decathlete. That laundry list of qualities seems to be everything that one could ask for in an MMA fighter.

Lightning fast reflexes, powerful athleticism, and unmatched hand-eye coordination are all part of hurling. With an iron body, a tactical mind, and a fighter’s heart, those with a hurling background are well suited for a career in the octagon.

Rock Climbing
A highly-developed understanding of pressure and balance make a rock climber a tough MMA opponent. Once on the ground their vise-like grip and wiry musculature will make it hard to pin or escape from them.

Rock-solid stability, unparalleled flexibility, and explosive power all make gymnasts a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world. Gymnasts learn and refine complex movements making learning the techniques of MMA almost effortless.

Packing agility, power, and mental strength into one package, those who practice parkour are truly unique athletes. Lots of dedication and hard work go into learning to calculate distances quickly and make split-second decisions. These same skills can be invaluable in successfully taking down an MMA opponent.

Kickboxing Classes In Raleigh and More

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