New Year’s Resolutions for White Belts

karate lessons in raleighIt’s the first month of 2017. That time of the year when everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions. If you’re just now beginning your journey into BJJ, and are currently a rank of white belt, we’ve got some resolutions for you to consider. If you’re looking for something besides karate lessons in Raleigh, Gracie Raleigh has what you’re looking for! We’re the best BJJ, muay thai, and MMA gym in Raleigh, NC. Call us today to learn more.

Resolutions for White Belts

Being Less Nervous

Try to work on being less nervous before and during class. We understand that you’re a white belt, and we will do our best to help you learn. You just have to let go and allow it to happen.

Being Less Tired

You might even be more nervous because you get tired really easily. This can be super frustrating. If you’re really out of shape, then your learning and training time will be decreased. Make it a point in 2017 to work on your cardio and stamina if you want to really make better progress at a different belt color.

Being Less Frustrated in Class

All new students get frustrated. I know I like to see results and improvement immediately, but that’s just not reality with most things in life. You have to have patience and understand that you’re not a black belt. You’ve got a lot to learn. If you really want to be less frustrated, work on the things you can control like your stamina, ability to focus on learning and technique while in class, working on your grip strength, and more.

Focusing More on Your Learning and Less on Other’s Advancements

BJJ is your journey. Do not get down on yourself because you see a classmate advancing quicker than you are. Do not let jealousy of others’s accomplishments cloud your own ability to focus and learn.

Remembering What You’ve Learned

If you focus more on yourself and worry less about others then you’ll more easily remember what you’ve learned in class. Learning and practicing techniques will help you also be less frustrated with your performance.

Being Less Injured

You’ll also want to get injured less. You accomplish this by being less tired, being less frustrated, focusing more on you, and retaining what you’ve learned.

Have More Fun

You only get one chance at life. Make it count. Have more fun in 2017!

As you can see, each of these New Year’s resolutions build on and affect each other. As you get better in one of these areas, you’ll find improvements in the others as well. If you are searching for a new martial arts challenge in 2017, you should continue reading to see how Gracie Raleigh can meet your needs in the new year!

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