Myths About Jiu Jitsu

Martial Arts Classes in RaleighThere is a lot of myths circulating online about jiu jitsu. For some, reading them will mean  believing in them. Unfortunately, this could really hinder your ability to move up the belt ranks.

Over the next few posts, we’ll be breaking down these myths, and giving you the real truths so you’re not getting set back in your training. If you’re looking for honest martial arts classes in Raleigh, Gracie should be your number one choice for summertime training. Don’t wait! Call today for more details.

Debunking Myths About BJJ

To Learn Jiu Jitsu, Just Watch YouTube Videos

Look, we all know that the internet holds a wealth of information; some good and some of it is bad. Furthermore, you can also expand your knowledge on just about anything by watching various YouTube videos. That being said, you’re never going to advance to black belt by simply logging on each day and watching countless videos from just anyone on the world wide web. There’s just way too much BS out there to know that what you’re watching, and trying to learn, is correct.

Granted, you can use instructional videos with the help of your coaches. Be sure to talk to your instructors about what you’re interested in watching before focusing in on something that might be misleading. Utilizing the wrong information can hurt your progress in anything that you want to do in life, especially when training in martial arts classes in Raleigh, NC.

Jiu-Jitsu Is Just For The Guys

Jiu Jitsu is not just for the boys. This is a martial arts that has many benefits for both girls and guys, like learning how to respect others, having integrity, developing discipline and self-control, increased self confidence, and more. Furthermore, women learn a great deal about self defense from training in jiu jitsu. The ground fighting and leverage techniques are perfect for defending against larger aggressors and sexual assault.

We hope today’s post has shed some light on these falsehoods. If you’d like to read even more truths about how BJJ, and other martial arts can benefit you, be sure to read our next post. We’ll be debunking even more BJJ myths. If you’re ready to try some new training that will help you gain confidence, and even self defense skills, keep reading to see how Gracie Raleigh can help you!

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