How Is Muay Thai Different Than Karate

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In today’s world, karate is very general term. Karate typically refers to the massive amount of martial arts that emerged when Okinawan and Chinese fighting forms and styles were combined. All forms of karate are primarily geared for stand-up fighting, although some throws and submissions are taught. Most karate styles also incorporate standing wrist grabs and joint locks. Most of the striking is performed by throwing straight punches and a variety of kicks, but some styles do teach elbow and knees strikes as well.

Karate also differs from muay thai with hand positioning and chin tucking. In karate, fighters tend to keep their chins up and hands at a lower position for body strikes, whereas muay thai fighters take more of a boxer’s stance with a tucked chin and raised hands. With regards to kicking, karate kicks tend to be a little quicker and more precise, but lack in power compared to the more powerful muay thai kicks.

Muay Thai

Muay thai is a fighting style called muay boran, or ancient boxing. Once rooted in self defense, muay thai today is more or less considered a kickboxing sport. As with karate, muay thai is also a primarily striking style of martial arts. The main difference is that muay thai utilizes shins, elbows, knees, and hands as weapons. This is why muay thai is referred to as the art of the eight limbs. Again, muay thai fighters take more of a boxer’s stance which allows them to move quickly around the ring, from side to side, using powerful elbow strikes, kicks, and punches.

Muay thai fighters also excel at what’s referred to as “the clinch.” This is a close quarters technique where one grabs the back of the opponent’s neck and then strikes with both knees, repeatedly, to the opponent’s side or head. Muay thai fighters very rarely use takedowns and grappling, but some gyms still teach these techniques to a degree. Overall, muay thai is considered to be a kickboxing sport and not a ground combat sport such as jiu jitsu or wrestling.

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