More Martial Arts Benefits for Girls

martial arts in RaleighWelcome back to our second installment on the benefits martial arts provides for girls. If you’re just now joining us, go back and read part one when you get a chance. You’ll find information about the general benefits for girls and kids, and we touched on self defense as well.

Part two is going to focus mostly on the health and physical fitness benefits. If your daughter has an interest in martial arts in Raleigh, consider coming to Gracie. We do not require a contract for kids and offer a caring and nurturing environment. Keep reading or call today to learn more.

Why Martial Arts in Raleigh Can Benefit Girls

Stamina, Endurance and Weight Control – If you’re looking for a great way to exercise that will give you lots of healthy benefits, then martial arts should be your first choice, especially forms like kickboxing, jiu jitsu, or muay thai. These high impact forms really depend on good cardio and stamina. As you train, these levels will raise to off-the-charts levels. Furthermore, you’re going to sweat a lot and burn a ton of calories.

Upper Body Strength – For females, building upper body strength can be a little scary. Women are often afraid that if they want to gain strength, they have to gain mass. Martial arts is a great choice for any woman looking to build upper body strength without getting bigger.

Part of the reason why this is a great strength building activity is because you’re using more force making muscles. These might not often be used as much as other muscle groups, especially if your fitness activities revolve more around gym machines and treadmills.

Flexibility – With all the different forms, movements, punches, kicks, and throws, you’re going to get more flexible. Plus, martial arts requires lots of stretching to increase this flexibility.

Better Posture – Sitting at school or work all day can create spinal imbalances, especially with your posture. Martial arts can correct that. Even though some exercises shorten and over stretches muscle groups, other conditioning ones work to counteract those imbalances which helps with posture.

As you can see, martial arts, especially at Gracie, can really help your daughter become a better athlete as well as a better person. When you’re ready to schedule a class, or if you have a question, just give us a call.

Martial Arts in Raleigh for Girls at Gracie

Do you have a daughter that would like to learn martial art skills? We have a great program that is just for kids. Parents, there is also no contract for your child to attend training at Gracie Raleigh. That way you’re not tied down if your child’s interests change. Give us a call today and ask how you can get started at the best gym for marital arts in Raleigh for kids.