More Benefits of Cold Weather Training

Boxing Classes in Raleigh NCThanks for coming back for our second post on why cold weather workouts can be beneficial for your health and training. If you’re just now joining us, be sure to go back and read part one. Part one talked about how cold weather working out can boost your immunity and help you burn calories at a much faster pace. You can go back to read it by clicking this jump.

Today, we are covering a few more reasons to get you motivated to brave the cold for a workout outside. If you’re ready to skip the boxing classes in Raleigh NC and want to try something new in 2017, make the call to Gracie Raleigh. If you like boxing then you’ll love our MMA and muay thai classes. Plus, we also have the top BJJ program in the Triangle. Call today and get started with your free class in the new year!

More Benefits of Cold Weather Training

Circulation Boost

If you want to give your circulation system a boost, cold weather training is a great idea. Cold weather heightens the effects of exercise on your heart and other components of this system of the body. This is an excellent way to reduce your risk of developing heart disease and increase your overall heart health.

Beats the Winter Blues

There are less hours of daylight in the winter months. This means that there is a reduction of natural vitamin D from sunlight. This can affect your mood. Some people even suffer from episodes of seasonal depression during the winter months because of this and other reasons. Training outside in the cold weather can actually help prevent this from happening. As a matter of fact, a research study from Duke University found that cardio can reduce depression symptoms four times more effectively than using antidepressants.

More Stamina

Data from Northern Arizona University shows that cold weather training can actually train your lungs and entire body to utilize the oxygen from each breath more efficiently. This means that your overall athletic abilities will get a big stamina boost. Regular cold weather training can potentially add 29% to your running speed as well.

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