MMA Inspired Halloween Costumes

Self Defense Near RaleighAdults and kids alike have their own MMA heroes. If your busy fall schedule has left you needing a last minute costume for a Halloween party or for trick-or-treating, have no fear! The staff at Gracie Raleigh has you covered with some of our favorite MMA inspired Halloween costumes. Many of these costumes are put together with items that you probably have at home already or that you could find easily at a thrift or discount store. No matter which MMA figure you choose to be, remember the most important rule of Halloween – have fun! If you’re searching for the best martial arts, BJJ, or self defense near Raleigh, call Gracie right now to learn more.

One of the most recognizable figures in the MMA world is UFC president, Dana White. Known for his cocky persona, dressing up like White for a night could be a whole lot of fun. This costume is as simple as it comes. Find a bald head wig or shave up your own dome and don a suit. Heading out with a friend who is dressed like Tito Ortiz only adds to the fun and hilarity of this costume.

Known for his lavish walkouts to the octagon, Georges St-Pierre is one of the most decorated MMA fighters out there. Dust off your gi and make your very own GSP headband, and you’re on your way to being St-Pierre for a night. Don’t forget to make or buy your very own UFC title belt. This will not only complete your outfit it will also come in handy when it’s time to convince your friends to give you the full-size Snickers bar out of their treat bag. After all, they wouldn’t want you to unleash any of your sick GSP style moves on them to get it.

While he may not be a contender in the octagon, everyone loves the man with the voice, Bruce Buffer. Is your buddy going as a UFC superstar? Dress like Bruce and announce his every move throughout the evening in Buffer’s signature booming style. Grab a slick snazzy suit, a wig, and gray hair dye and get to work transforming yourself into the voice of the octagon. Don’t forget his signature microphone and enjoy sneaking up behind people and yelling “It’s Time!” all night.

Former UFC champion Chuck Liddell became the face of MMA back in the mid-2000s. Copping his winning look is as easy as rocking some blue Liddell shorts and UFC gloves. Grab a shaved down mohawk wig and perch a fake mustache on your lip and you can be the champ for a night. Complete your look with fake tattoos on your arms and head, and you’re ready to party “Iceman” style.

MMA fans love Rampage Jackson. With his larger than life persona and even bigger gold chain, capturing Rampage’s look is simple. This two piece costume gives you carte blanch to howl as loud as you want all night. Look like Rampage with camouflage shorts and a giant chain. Get ready for all those photo ops all night long!

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