MMA Gift Giving Guide for 2018

Martial Arts Classes in RaleighMMA fighters and fans will be begging to open these great gifts this holiday season. Before you buy another t-shirt or hat, check out these great gift ideas. Searching for the best mixed martial arts classes in Raleigh this winter? Gracie Raleigh is number one. Get started here!

Hypnotik Handwraps
Any MMA fighter will tell you that you can never have too many handwraps. Hypnotik wraps are 180″ long and come in a three pack that features red, blue, and black wraps. These make a great stocking stuffer and are perfect for any level of fighter.

Gear Bag
Your fighter’s gear bag takes a beating. From daily hauls to the gym to being overstuffed with gear and equipment, a new gear bag is always a welcome gift. Look for bags that feature heavy double stitching on the handles and that have lots of pockets for stashing tape, mouthguards, snacks, and keys.

Elevation Training Mask 3.0
Both collegiate and professional athletes use the Elevation Training Mask. Olympians, NFL players, UFC fighters and others rely on this mask as part of their training regime. A must-have for any fighter, this mask helps improve cardio by simulating high altitude training without the altitude.

Hypnotik ProMAX Curved Training Thai Pads
The hardest thing about choosing these training pads is deciding which color your fighter would like best. These pads come in an awesome can’t miss orange or a slick black and gray combo. Either way, they will be delighted to unwrap these Thai pads. Built to withstand the punishment your superstar will dole out, the Hypnotik ProMAX Curved Training Thai Pads feature a laminated no-tear fabric, reinforced handles, and a double hook and loop wrap around the wrists and arms to ensure a perfect fit.

Diamond Cup
Protection and comfort combine in the diamond cup. Easy to wear and tough when it counts, this cup makes it easy to move and fight without worry. Available in a variety of colors and compatible with your favorite underwear or shorts, this is one piece of protective equipment your fighter will love.

Grappler Beard and Body Soap
MMA is a high contact sport and fighters are always susceptible to skin infections. Grappler Beard and Body Soap smells great and helps neutralize bacteria on the skin. Tuck some of these soaps in your fighter’s stocking along with sanitizing sprays and towels for a gift that will get rave reviews.

Shin Guards
A pair of high-quality shin guards will last your fighter forever. Combat Corner makes some of the best in the industry and are a wise investment when it comes to protective gear. Choose shin guards that are made of cowhide and that are secured by wide straps instead of elastic.

Water Bottle
Whether it bears the image of their favorite fighter or MMA brand, a water bottle always makes a great gift. As an added bonus you can use the bottle to stash smaller gift items like light rail passes, gift cards, tape, and a no swell iron inside.

Holiday Mixed Martial Arts Classes in Raleigh

Give the gift of expert martial arts classes in Raleigh this holiday season with a gift certificate to Gracie Raleigh. Call or come by the gym today to see why more fighters in the Triangle are making the switch to Gracie.