Biggest Mistakes Competitors Make at a BJJ Tournament

Raleigh BJJ classesNow that you are all signed up for your first tournament and your training is underway, you should be aware of a few common mistakes that many new competitors make at their first competition. Avoiding these mistakes can help you be successful at your tournament and make the experience one you’ll want to remember, regardless of the outcome of your match. Looking for affordable Raleigh BJJ classes? Gracie Raleigh can help. Call now!

Avoid Over Complicating Things
While it may be tempting to adjust and tweak things in your routine and your skills until right before the beginning of the tournament, don’t. Stick to the nutrition and training plan that you have used throughout your preparations for the tournament. The stress and pressure of competition can sometimes cause your body to react strangely to foods and routines. As a result, you could wake up on the day of the tournament not feeling like yourself and have a subpar performance.

Don’t Skip Your Warm Up
It is easy to lose track of time while watching other matches and demonstrations that are taking place. Don’t get sucked in and cheat yourself out of an adequate warm up. At tournaments, warm up space is typically limited so getting to the competition early and claiming a warm up area for yourself can ensure that you have enough room to perform your warm up routine. Also, in the morning before you head to the tournament, find time to do 15 to 20 minutes of foam rolling and mobility work with your jump stretch band for your shoulders and hips.

Take Time to Recover
If you are a part of a tournament where you will have multiple matches on the same day, it is essential that you take time to recover between these matches. Hydration is key for recovery. Coconut water or light sea salted water are both excellent options for hydration. While it may be tempting to guzzle your water as you prepare for your next match, opt to sip slowly. Once you have addressed your need for hydration, focus on your breathing. Slowing your breathing and your heart rate down will help bring oxygen into your body and begin buffering the lactic acid out. Lactic acid is responsible for the feeling of heaviness you have in your legs, or the tightness fighters experience in their forearms. The faster you reduce the lactic acid, the more quickly you will recover from these feelings. Better recovery after your first match has the potential to impact your performance in subsequent matches.

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