How to Minimize MMA Training Injuries

muay-thai in RaleighAnytime you step on the mat to train you run the risk of becoming injured. While this is a part of training in a combat sport, it is possible to lower your danger of sustaining an injury during training with proper preparation and some commonsense. Caring for your body by helping existing injuries heal and preventing new injuries is one of the most important training goals you can set for yourself.

Here are a few ways you can contribute to reducing the amount of time you are out of training for injury. If you’re searching for affordable classes for muay-thai in Raleigh, NC, call Gracie Raleigh today!

  • Warm Up Properly – Get in a good stretch and break a sweat before you step on the mats. Tight muscles are more likely to be injured. Training just the muscles you use in your MMA practice can put lesser muscle groups at risk for damage. This can lead to injury or chronic pain. Without maintaining flexibility in all your muscle groups your risk of injury is greater. Training all your muscle groups will help you avoid muscle tightness and soreness after a session.
  • Improve Your Hip Mobility – Injury prevention in your lower body starts in the flexibility of your hip joint. Adding in a few quick and easy mobility exercises each week can lead to improvements in the amount of ankle, knee, and lower back pain you experience after training. In addition to improved flexibility and less pain, a flexible hip joint will allow you to protect yourself from injury in the groin area as well as in your quads and hamstrings.
  • Know Your Positions – Know how to protect your body during sparring. It’s easier to tap and learn from your mistake than it is to need to have surgery to fix a herniated disk or a torn rotator cuff. There is never any shame in tapping; it is part of learning the art. You don’t need to get hurt to prove your toughness or to keep training. Instead, tap and learn how to correctly perform moves like inversions to help you break the hold next time.
  • Don’t Train When You Are Injured – Pushing yourself to train while you are injured will continually aggravate that injury. Doing more damage to yourself by pushing to come back and train before your body is ready opens you up to new injuries and chronic pain issues. Instead, take the time to heal fully. Focus on maintaining your flexibility and carefully watching others as they train and spar. When you are forced to concentrate on the mental component of the sport, you may find your perceptions and strategies on the mat are improved upon your return.

Roll ahead to part two of this series where we’re going to give you more tips on minimizing training injuries.

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