Importance Of Martial Arts Agility

Martial Arts For Kids In RaleighAgility means having the ability to move, think, and understand quickly and easily. It’s very important for martial artists to be agile in both body and mind. Over the course of our next few posts, we’re going discuss the benefits of agility, and even give you some great agility exercises that you can do at home or at the gym. Let’s jump right in! If you’re searching for adult or martial arts for kids in Raleigh NC this summer, call Gracie. There are never any contracts for kids, and adult beginners can try a free class. Call today to learn more about our summer class schedule.

Agility Drills For Martial Arts Training

For students of all forms of martial arts, agility is crucial for both offense and defense. You need to be agile to strike your opponent and evade attacks. Agile martial artists also have great lateral movement. This is being able to quickly move from side to side to avoid a strike. This will give you an opportunity for a counter attack while your opponent is off-balance. Being able to rapidly change positions and levels, and still be coordinated enough to effectively attack, will give you the upper hand in almost any competition.

Agility is not all about the physical side of things either. To be a well-rounded fighter, your mind needs to be agile as well. Having an agile mind allows you to quickly read your opponents moves, process them, and react or counter as needed.

In summary, here are the main benefits of being agile and agility training:

  • Increased body blood flow
  • Prevention of sports injury
  • Better multi-planar coordination
  • Enhanced connection between your mind and body – laser focused fighter

Want to read about agility drills and their martial arts benefits? Check out the next post in this series. We’ll start discussing exercises that are designed to help you improve your overall agility and reaction speed. If you have questions about martial arts, or want to enroll your child in our juniors’ programs, keep reading for more information.

Adult And Martial Arts for Kids in Raleigh NC

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