Can Martial Arts Increase Energy Levels?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in RaleighIf you’re like most Americans, by the middle of the afternoon your energy level is low. While many people reach for a cup of coffee or a sugary snack, those who aren’t fighting afternoon fatigue have already figured out an important secret. The secret to beating the mid-afternoon slump is exercise. According to a study conducted at the University of Georgia, regular exercise helps boost your energy levels naturally and reduces fatigue. Did you know that martial arts are a great way to get in exercise and hone your other skills like concentration and self-discipline at the same time? Here are the top reasons you should consider martial arts to boost your energy levels. If you’re searching for Brazilian jiu jitsu in Raleigh, call Gracie today.

Improved Circulatory System

Training in martial arts strengthens your heart and your entire cardiovascular system. Over time your red blood cell count will increase because your blood will become saturated with extra oxygen during your intense martial arts classes. You’ll experience higher productivity and increased energy as a result of healthy circulation and better oxygenation of your body.

Better Focus

Feeling fatigued makes concentrating on even the smallest task difficult. Powerful endorphins are released when you exercise. These brain-boosting chemicals help improve your focus and make your thinking patterns more clear. As a result, you are more productive throughout the day and may find that you’re finishing your to-do list in record time. The best way to unlock these endorphins? Rigorous exercise.

Mood Boosting Benefits

The same endorphins that help you knock out those tasks you’ve been unable to focus on are also the same ones that make you feel good. When you are in a better mood, you are more likely to feel more motivated and more energized throughout the day.

Stronger Body

Sure you will build muscles during your martial arts practice, but did you know your martial arts practice will also strengthen your immune system? As you work out, your body naturally performs a detoxification process that helps your organs efficiently function. In addition to improved function in your immune system, your lungs will increase in capacity, and your heart muscles will get stronger.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep

If you’re unable to fall asleep at night or stay asleep, getting a quality night’s sleep may be as close as your next workout. Martial arts classes are intense, and your body will need the rest to repair itself. Quality sleep leads to more significant amounts of energy during your waking hours.

The structure of your typical martial arts workout is designed to stimulate your cardiovascular endurance through high intensity interval training (HIIT). Most martial arts classes begin with one or two rounds of HIIT before working on your overall conditioning and fitness. The combination of these high intensity sessions and overall physical training will give you a workout that increases your stamina and endurance both mentally and physically.

Quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Raleigh

If you’re looking to improve your physical and mental endurance then martial arts and Brazilian jiu jitsu in Raleigh may be the answer for you. Gracie Raleigh is proud to be the area’s leader in martial arts training for the entire family. Parents aren’t locked into contracts for their child’s martial arts classes, and beginners can enjoy free sessions while they learn more about the wide variety of disciplines that Gracie offers. For more information, call or come by the gym today!