Which Martial Arts Are Good for Weight Loss?

Kickboxing Gym in RaleighChoosing which martial arts discipline is best for weight loss can be subjective. Each martial art places a different emphasis on particular aspects of training. These differences may make one discipline more attractive than another to those who are looking to utilize martial arts in their weight loss plans. Considering the accessibility, price, intensity, and fun factor of each martial art is crucial when it comes to choosing the right one for you. If you’re searching for an affordable cardio kickboxing gym in Raleigh, NC, call Gracie Raleigh today.

Keep It Fun
No matter which martial art you choose, if you don’t enjoy practicing it, you won’t stick with it. Part of a sustainable weight loss plan is the incorporation of exercise with a healthy diet. Dreading the exercise portion of your program won’t lead you towards your goals. Achieving success through diet and exercise comes down to enjoying the physical activities you choose. Kenpo is a variant of karate that doesn’t include a heavy workout but focuses on challenging techniques. Athletes and music lovers may find that Capoeira, a Brazilian art that combines music and dance with martial arts, may be a good fit. Competitive types may prefer MMA, boxing, or wrestling.

Improve Current Fitness
If you are not quite ready for a standard martial arts class, some alternative arts can help you tone muscles and strengthen your core without putting additional stress on your joints. Tai chi helps get you moving and eases you into the study of martial arts while improving your ability to exercise.

Access to Martial Arts
Finding a martial art that you enjoy and can easily access can be difficult. Cardio kickboxing, taekwondo and some forms of kung fu are readily available in most areas. More specialized forms of martial arts may only be available in large cities or places with diverse populations.

More Intense Arts
Physical training is part of the tradition of many martial arts. For those looking to lose weight, the caloric burn of these more aggressive workouts is appealing. Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, and Tang Soo Do are commonly more physically demanding in their practice.

No matter which martial art you choose, losing weight over time and developing better overall health and conditioning is essential. Martial arts help encourage weight loss through a focus on care of the physical body as well as mental focus and mindfulness. These practices combine to put your health and well-being at the forefront of your study.

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