Why Are Liver Shots so Devastating?

Cardio Kickboxing in RaleighOf all the body shots you can inflict on an opponent, the liver shot is the most damaging and the most effective. The pain of a liver shot is immediate and often drops your nemesis to their knees. This body shot is swift and brutal and can make it hard for your opponent to breathe. If you’ve ever experienced a liver shot you know that your body shuts down. No matter how badly you mentally want to continue to fight, physically, you can’t. Just exactly what is it that makes a liver shot so debilitating? Searching for the best alternative cardio kickboxing in Raleigh? Call Gracie Raleigh today.

The liver is the largest internal organ in your body. Located just below the diaphragm, it breaks down toxins in your system, digests protein, and performs other digestive processes. The liver protrudes slightly below the rib cage on the right side and, if hit just right, can rupture. Even if the liver shot your opponent lands doesn’t rupture your liver you can count on your knees to buckle, your heart to race, and your blood pressure to increase. The overwhelming pain may even make you lose consciousness for a brief period of time.

Delivering the right body shot to your opponent can end a fight. Unlike a headshot where their body is unable to process the pain, a liver shot will cripple them. Throwing high-low combinations is an effective way to get your opponent to give up their body to you by moving their hands. Once they have exposed their right side, you can deliver a well-timed shovel punch or a roundhouse kick to their lower rib cage. The liver sits in between the ninth and tenth floating ribs. Doubling up your combinations can also fluster your opponent and get them to drop their hands mid-fight. Throwing a high left hook to the head and then a shovel to the liver is a one-two punch that many opponents will be unable to recover from successfully.

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