How to Knockout an Opponent Fast

Boxing Classes in RaleighWhether you are born with knockout power, or you have been trained to use your power and proper technique to achieve a KO, actually achieving a true knockout can be difficult. It is essential to understand the difference between a KO and a technical knockout (TKO). A TKO is called by the referee during a match when he or she feels like a boxer can no longer continue fighting safely. A full knockout occurs when a boxer is unable to keep fighting and is physically unable to perform after a legal strike. So, how do you knockout an opponent? Let’s take a closer look. For the best free boxing classes in Raleigh, call Gracie and ask about our free classes.

It’s hard to pinpoint the best way to knockout an opponent for a few reasons. Each person responds to the blows they are dealt in the ring differently. One common misconception is that your blows have to be overly powerful in order to knock someone out. That is not the case. A well-placed punch with sufficient power will give you the KO. When it comes to training for a KO, there are a couple of things you can do to increase your chances of delivering a debilitating blow in the ring.

Perfecting Your Technique
Increasing the speed at which you are delivering your blows and the accuracy at which you are delivering them is crucial to overcoming your opponent. Knockout power is a result of moving the mass of your arm with focused speed and energy, not just massive arm strength alone.

Fine Tuned Accuracy
Delivering a blow that causes a violent turn of your opponent’s head is likely to knock him or her out. The neck is unable to resist a well-delivered blow to the temple or chin. Landing a powerful punch in these areas is more likely to cause a violent turn of the head than a punch landing on the cheek or further back.

While you can’t count on your opponent being dehydrated, you can understand the impact that dehydration has on their ability to recover from your blows in later rounds. Dehydration thins the layer of cushioning in the brain and allows every punch you throw to cause more damage. While this will work in your favor with your opponent, remember that your opponent may be counting on you to be dehydrated so that they can deliver their KO inducing blow. Stay hydrated!

Work on your accuracy, incorporate strength and speed training into your regular workouts, and work on your hip and core flexibility. Together all these factors allow you to deliver more devastating blows during a fight.

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