Kids Kicking Cancer

kids martial arts in raleigh ncKids Kicking Cancer is a martial arts program that helps children suffering from cancer have fun and learn skills that can help throughout their lives. This amazing program was founded by Detroit-based Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg.

Rabbi Goldberg is a black belt in Choi Kwang Do. He is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Department of Pediatrics, Wayne State School of Medicine. He tragically lost his eldest child to leukemia at the young age of 2. After that, Rabbi Goldberg wanted to help other children suffering from all forms of cancer. He knew that martial arts could help with the pain as well as give the kids confidence by making them not feel so helpless. From here, Kids Kicking Cancer was formed.

Kids Martial Arts in Raleigh NC Can Help Kids with Illnesses

Since the founding of the program fifteen years ago, it is now in more than 20 North American hospitals, 15 in Italy and five in Israel. CNN even named Rabbi Goldberg as one of the ten “CNN heroes” in 2014. Even though the program has the word “cancer” in the name, it is geared towards kids with any type of chronic or life-threatening illness.

Parents of sick children need not to worry. The children in the program do not actually perform martial arts moves on each other. Instead, they do mostly pad work which consists of kicking and punching various sets of pads and bags. They also learn stress-relieving breathing techniques and other valuable life-long skills. Any child suffering from a chronic or terminal illness that can move their arms can participate. They even get their own gi, or uniform.

The participating instructors are all volunteers and typically have black belts in their specialized field of martial arts. Before being allowed to work with the children, they must complete a ten-hour training course on how to instruct children at both outpatient clinics and hospitals.

Kids Kicking Cancer is also working to prove that martial arts can really help sick children by sponsoring studies. The program has teamed up with Martin H. Bluth at Wayne State University. They have found that the children participating in the program’s session have shown a 30 percent drop in pain. This study is researching how the program affects depression, out of bed time, length of recovery, plus other indicators as well.

For those parents out there with sick children, martial arts is a fantastic way to help your child feel powerful. They will be able to learn many life-long lessons along the way. If you have questions about our juniors programs, please give us a call today.

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