Improving Your Muay-Thai Roundhouse Kick

Kickboxing Gym in RaleighIn Muay-Thai, the roundhouse kick is one of the most crucial and powerful elements. When performed correctly, a roundhouse kick follows the same function and mechanics of a baseball bat swing. The kick can do some significant damage to your opponent. Learning the most common mistakes that Muay-Thai practitioners make with their kicks can help you avoid doing harm to yourself and failing to inflict significant damage on your opponent. These are the most common mistakes that Muay-Thai fighters make with their roundhouse kicks. Need a better kickboxing gym in Raleigh? Call Gracie! You’ll be glad you did!

  • Not Distracting Your Opponent Getting your opponent to flinch, blink, or react to a jab, hook, or combo can set up your kick. Once they are out of their element, throw your kick and take advantage of the fact that they are distracted and unprepared.
  • Not Moving Your Arms Arm movement is crucial for maximizing the power of your kick. Using your hands, arms and shoulders to protect you while you kick will allow you to shift your focus to the power and set up of your roundhouse.
  • Not Turning Your Hips While turning your hips will feel awkward initially, the more you practice, the more natural it will become. One of the most common mistakes that Muay-Thai fighters make is not turning their grounded leg entirely away from their opponent. Practicing this over and over will help make this movement feel like second nature.
  • Not Stepping Out Before you begin the motion of your kick you need to step out your support leg at a 45-degree angle. Missing this critical step will throw your form off. As a result, your kick will most likely connect with your opponent’s elbow rather than their rib cage.
  • Not Waiting to Extend The intent of your kick is to move through your opponent. When you make contact with your kick your leg should be bent in half. Extending the leg too early cuts down on the power and the force with which you kick your opponent.

To help improve your roundhouse technique, film yourself performing the move over and over. Critique your form and make adjustments according to what you see. Use your sparring time to get feedback and form tips from experienced fighters and coaches.

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