The Importance of Sparring

Karate Lessons In RaleighWhether you are new to mixed martial arts or any other martial arts discipline, the training activity known as sparring can be a little daunting. Sparring is not street fighting or a planned attack on your opponent. Instead, sparring is a chance for two partners to practice their moves and exercises in a controlled and respectful way. Following rules and unique customs before sparring allows fighters to show respect before sparring begins. For the best alternative to karate lessons in Raleigh, check out our programs at Gracie Raleigh. We offer MMA, BJJ, muay thai, self defense, and more. Call today.

Why Sparring Is Important

Sparring is often viewed by practitioners of martial arts as a form of combative training. Using controlled techniques, participants deliver blows, grapple, strike, and ground fight in an attempt to improve their timing and technique. Any fighter will tell you that sparring is just as important to your martial arts practice as heavy bag training. Using time on the mat sparring to develop strategies and defensive movements can further your training in astounding ways.

Adding sparring to your current martial arts training will sharpen your mental fighting attributes as well as train your physical body to endure and approach a fight in a controlled offensive manner. Advanced martial arts practitioners liken sparring to a game of chess. Performing smartly and analytically will allow you to be successful while sparring and during real matches.

The Benefits of Sparring

  • Improved Self Confidence
  • Promotes Mental Conditioning
  • Cardio Conditioning
  • Improved Reaction Time
  • Combat Conditioning
  • Increased Stamina and Endurance
  • Reaction Dynamic Awareness
  • Developing Combat Attributes
  • Muscular Endurance

There are different ways to perform sparring and almost every martial arts style has its own style and variation of sparring. Popular sparring styles include full contact, point contact, weapon, ground, stand up exclusive, isolated tool, handicapped and ground fighting. Having a strong foundation in both offensive and defensive techniques is essential to developing your martial arts techniques.

If sparring is new to you, here are some tips to help you improve your performance during your first few sparring sessions:

Expect to Get Hit: When it comes to sparring, getting hit is almost unavoidable. Sparring requires you to hit and be hit.

Protect Your Mouth: Getting your teeth knocked out, having a busted lip, or a broken jaw are all genuine possibilities when you spar. Having a custom fit mouthguard can help eliminate the chances of you damaging your teeth and can help hold your jaw in a strong and stable position.

Don’t Panic: The first hit you take can catch you off guard. Don’t panic. Keep your hands up, stay mobile and stay focused on delivering excellent defensive moves. Focus on your breathing and look for holes in your opponent’s form where you can deliver a well-timed strike.

Make an Investment: Boxing gloves are a must-have for full contact sparring. Multi-layered foam padding with double stitched construction will help ensure both comfort and durability of your gloves. If you are unsure about the fit or sizing of your gloves, ask for professional fitting help.

Headgear: Well-fitting, rugged headgear is essential for sparring. Protecting your face, eyes, and mouth during kicks, punches, and strikes. Choose headgear that offers additional padding in the back so that if you are to land on your back during a session your head is protected. Properly fitting headgear will not obstruct your vision.

Skip the Karate Lessons in Raleigh in 2018

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