How to Train like a Samurai

karate classes in RaleighStories of samurais on the battlefield paint them as almost mythical characters with unwavering toughness and fortitude. Many of these warriors lived lives filled with brutal conditioning and training. Though the training methods for the samurai were quite varied, the tenets of the training remained largely consistent throughout the samurai culture. What are the best alternatives for karate classes in Raleigh? Gracie Raleigh offers BJJ, Muay Thai, and more. Click here to get started.

For those wanting to train like a samurai, there is more to the training than just focusing on the physical. Below, you will find tips on how to modify your training routine to train like these ancient warriors.

Weapons Techniques
Samurai would practice their weapons techniques on prisoners and slaves while training with their sword, a spear-like weapon known as a naginata. Wooden weapons were used to practice against other samurai, and straw dummies were used to for training with metal sharp swords. To modernize this practice, find a sparring partner who will help you practice your weapons work.

Unarmed Warriors
Most commonly, samurai trained in an unarmed style known as bujutsu. This style of martial arts eventually gave birth to aikido, karate, and judo. The samurai practiced this form of unarmed fighting for conditioning rather than with the intent of it being used for real combat. Today, you can adopt this unarmed training method for yourself by taking classes in any of the modern martial arts that the samurai gave birth to.

Meditative Practice
The traditional discipline of the samurai is primarily derived from the practice of Bushido. The code of Bushido refers to a code of conduct that was derived from the chivalric code of the European warrior classes. The code focuses heavily on duty to their employer, their family, and fellow warriors. Samurai are instructed to live as though they could die at any moment, ensuring that their behavior left no room for regret. Modern martial artists can practice the principles of the Bushido code through service to their family, employer, and their fellow martial arts practitioners.

Physical Training
While there were no formal gyms for samurais to train in, many chose to prove their physical strength by battling the elements, going without sleep, water, or food or engaging in heavy drinking to build endurance and vigor. Modern martial arts practitioners know that, in addition to their mental training and regular sparring, caring for their bodies through proper nutrition, hydration, plenty of rest, and consistent exercise is vital.

Alternative Karate Classes in Raleigh, North Carolina

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