Martial Arts Exercises You Can Do at Home

martial arts schools in raleighIt may not be possible to get to the gym every day to work on your martial arts training. Instead of skipping a workout or letting life get in the way, find ways to do your martial arts exercises at home. Training alone may have some limitations, but you can take advantage of the time you do have to improve your skillset and fitness. Here are some great ways to get your martial arts exercises in at home. If you’re searching for 2018 martial arts schools in Raleigh, make the right choice by calling Gracie Raleigh.

Focus on Your Breathing
While it may not seem like a workout, focusing on your breathing and learning to control your breath is one of the most crucial parts of proper martial arts technique. Practicing this at home without interruption can help further your breathing skills. Deep breathing, using your diaphragm, will help you breathe more efficiently. Moving air more deeply into your lungs and not into your upper chest helps you oxygenate more effectively as you move. When you exert yourself, practice breathing in and out as you punch, kick, or throw an imaginary opponent.

Improve Shoulder Strength and Flexibility
Getting in a good shoulder workout at home is as easy as grabbing a towel and heading to your nearest door. Fold a towel into fourths longways. Lace the towel around both sides of the doorknob and grab both ends. Move into a squatting position and lean back. Pulling yourself up with both hands, like a rowing machine, is a good way to warm up. You can also practice your hikite technique by using one hand to grab both ends of the towel and alternate your right and left side while working on your footwork, grip, and back. Make sure that you wear sneakers for this exercise as just wearing socks may cause you to slip and hurt yourself.

Hit the Heavy Bag
Increasing your speed and coordination through the use of a heavy bag at home can help greatly improve your martial arts practice. Developing your kicking and punching capabilities through heavy bag practice can improve your accuracy. Hitting a speed bag will increase your speed and coordination. Investing in these two pieces of equipment can help your time at home working on your martial arts exercises improve your skills quickly.

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Martial Arts Schools in Raleigh for 2018

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