Holiday Gifts for Your BJJ Enthusiast

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It’s the holiday season and now is the time when everyone is out fighting the lines for special gifts for their loved ones.  Regardless of how you celebrate, you always want to give your friends and family really cool gifts. However, finding the right gifts for certain people might seem impossible. That’s why we’re here today to give you some great ideas on the perfect holidays gifts for the jiu jitsu enthusiast in your family.

We’ve scoured the internet to locate the coolest gift ideas that any BJJ specialist will love. Are you searching for holiday karate classes in Raleigh NC? Why not try something different, like muay thai, MMA, or Brazilian jiu jitsu? At Gracie Raleigh, we offer the best mixed martial arts training in the Triangle. Call us for more details.

Great Gifts for Any BJJ Enthusiast

A Brand New Gi – What’s something you or your martial arts friends might be needing? How about a new Gi? This makes for the perfect solution. There are so many different types and brands out there that you’ll be able to find them at a great price over the holidays. Whether it’s for a female or male, a new Gi just for them will make anyone smile. Your loved one’s brand new gift will be very useful as well, and makes for more comfortable training.

New Rash Guards – One thing that you can always use is new rash guards. The various uses you can get out of them is just perfect for a BJJ gift. Let’s say you want an approved one, or even an everyday rash guard, there is always that one kind that works best for your BJJ enthusiast, so be sure to ask them which they prefer. They come in different designs, which is fantastic if you want that something extra!

Grip Trainers – Having trouble trying to work on your grip? Improving your grip strength is a main reason that a new jit grip is an exceptional gift. Even better, with the jit grips there are also two Gi sleeves with metal rings, and latex bands with spring hooks. You almost don’t even need a trainer, especially when it’s that easy to do on your own time! Check them out at

BJJ Apparel and Gym Clothes – There is no better way to support what you love doing then finding that perfect apparel. Regardless of whether it’s a hoodie, t-shirt, or even sweatpants, there is going to be that special one for you. As a BJJ lover it’s still satisfying to rep your sport even when you’re off the mats.

DVDs – Buying a DVD as a gift can be a no-brainer! You have so many options to choose from which can make the whole gift process easier. From the comfort of your own home or workout space, you can also gain more experience, and you don’t even have to go to a gym. Whether you’re a fan of Caio Terra or BJJ Phenom Keenan Cornelius, is going to be the site for it.

Don’t miss the second part of this post where we list even more great gifts for you to consider.

You Have Many Options for Self Defense Besides Karate Classes in Raleigh

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