Holiday Gift Giving Guide for MMA 2017

Self Defense Near RaleighHave an MMA fanatic on your list this holiday season? Don’t just give them another t-shirt or a canister of protein powder in their stocking! Instead, check out these amazing gift ideas that are sure to delight even the hardest to buy for MMA fighter on your list. If you’re searching for the best martial arts, BJJ, or self defense near Raleigh this holiday season, call Gracie to learn more.

Hypnotik is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after brands in MMA training gear. The price point for this line is terrific and the quality is astounding. Johny Hendricks, Mickey Gall, and Juliana Pena have been spotted rocking Hypnotik’s Pro MMA Gloves at their workouts. With fantastic wrist support and a flexible design that promotes proper fist form and full extension, it’s no wonder fighters everywhere are hoping for Hypnotik in their stockings on Christmas morning.

Hand wraps are always a welcome gift for MMA fighters, and it should come as no surprise that the wraps they are wishing for most come from Hypnotik. While hand wraps should be washed after each use, most fighters are better about throwing punches in the ring than they are about doing their laundry. Make your favorite mixed martial artist happy and pick up a few pairs. Ultra soft and breathable with maximum stretch, the Hyptnotik hand wraps are 180 inches in length and come in three different colors. Wrap up these wraps for your favorite amateur, semi-pro, or professional fighter this holiday!

Want to go for something that is cool both at the gym and on the street? Gift your favorite fighter a blast from the bast with the Nick Diaz Don’t Be Scared Homie shirt from Torque. When KJ Noons squared off with Diaz back in the day, this classic line came rumbling out of Diaz’s mouth and into fighter history. Pair it up with the matching hoodie for a TKO in the gift department.

Know a fighter that wishes they could train in the Rockies but is stuck at sea level? Give them the gift of simulated high-altitude training with the Elevation Training Mask. Utilizing revolutionary technology, the mask simulates training at high altitudes. The mask helps improve endurance and increase cardio production. Fighters aren’t the only ones who are singing the praises of this product. Athletes from the NBA, NFL, triathletes, and Crossfitters are all wishing for an Elevation Training Mask this year.

Looking for something a little more lux for your MMA superstar? Look no further than the Hayabusa Kanpeki 3.0 Elite MMA Gloves. WIth 100 percent, full grain, drum-dyed leather and a reputation for superior hand protection, these gloves are used by UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez when he trains. Regulation 4-ounce weight, these gloves are designed to keep your hands secure, comfortable, and dry no matter how hard you train.

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Affordable Classes For Self Defense Near Raleigh

Remember you can never go wrong with giving the gift of training this holiday season. Call or come to the gym to learn more about our MMA training and our martial arts classes for self defense near Raleigh. At Gracie Raleigh, we never lock parents into a contract for their child’s martial arts classes, and we offer special sessions for women and complimentary classes for beginners.

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