Hand Speed Exercises

boxing gyms in raleighOne of the most significant advantages you can have in the ring against your opponent is being able to land a punch more quickly than they can. The difference between picking yourself up off the canvas and raising your hand in victory can be a split second. Speed may not be a part of your fighting style, but you still need to work on this crucial component in order to improve it. Some of the greatest fighters have used speed to their advantage. With our tips you’ll have no trouble getting that TKO. Searching for new boxing gyms in Raleigh? Call Gracie.

Don’t Rush Your Drills
While speed is the focus of these drills, many beginners try to rush through their exercises rather than focusing on relaxation. When you are relaxed and your mind is clear you are more likely to be focused on your speed.

Coordination and Handspeed
Supplementing your speed with strength and accuracy may seem like a logical choice. However, focusing on coordination and balance is really the key. Putting too much emphasis on power and speed together at first only slows down beginners. These loaded punches and trying to focus on hitting a target won’t improve your speed. Keeping your balance under you and moving your body in coordination with your hand speed is crucial. Power and accuracy can be honed later.

There are various drills and exercises that you can use to help you increase your speed, coordination, and balance.

Punch interval drills help you develop your shoulder and arm endurance. As your shoulders and arms fatigue, your punches become too slow to hit your opponent. Power in the later rounds won’t matter if you lack speed and endurance. One of the most critical components of these interval workouts are the rest periods. During your resting time, your arms regain the energy to punch at max speed. Against the bag, vary your punches. Start with vertical punches aimed straight at shoulder level for one round. For the next round aim your blows six to eight inches above your head and on the last interval perform small quick uppercuts into the bag at body level.

Forced speed bag and double-end bag training are great for building speed, timing, accuracy, coordination, and reflexes. These bags build arm endurance while allowing you to practice forced hand speed exercises. Rarely in a fight are you able to punch when you feel like it, most of the time you are forced to hit when you don’t want to. Both the speed bag and double-end bag force you to punch. If your training focus is on building accuracy and improving, then the double-end bag is the best choice. The speed bag offers you the chance to develop shoulder and arm endurance while improving your hand speed.

Great Boxing Gyms in Raleigh

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