Guide to Setting New Year’s Resolutions

kids martial arts in raleigh ncLove them or hate them, many people find that setting a New Year’s resolution helps them bring attention to areas of their life that need improvement. One of the reasons that many people have difficulty choosing resolutions that they can stick to is because they fail to pick goals that are truly meaningful for them. Authentic resolutions that hold real value for you and your way of life are easier to stick to and maintain than popular or unfounded resolutions. Before you make your resolution list this year, think about what you really hope to accomplish in 2019. Ask yourself what you value and what goals will motivate you to work hard this year. Did you know that Gracie offers the best adult and kids martial arts in Raleigh NC? Click here to learn more.

Avoid Restrictive or Rigid Goals
When you set goals that are focused on strict behavior changes like weight loss or dieting, you are forcing yourself to embrace something that is based on restraint, willpower, or external social pressures, not true personal motivations. Instead, make goals that are based on allowing yourself to discover a new martial arts style or a new way to work out. When you choose targets that are based on connecting to your essential self and allow you to change little by little you are more likely to be successful.

Make Broad or Open Goals
Being flexible about how you reach your goals in 2019 is important. If you want to participate in a new martial art form but are uncomfortable doing so in a mixed class, find a gym that offers men or women only classes in that discipline. By setting broad or open goals, you are able to create space for curiosity and new options to be pursued. Maybe once you try a new style of martial arts, you’ll realize it’s not for you. Giving yourself permission to adjust your goals as the year progresses helps you stick to the broader goal of trying new things or improving your overall health and fitness.

Listen to Your Body
Once you have begun your resolution, be sure to check in with yourself and be honest about how your goals are making you feel. Pushing through with a decision just because you committed to it is worse than making unrealistic resolutions. If your resolution has left you feeling discontent, heavy, restricted, or unsupported,  feel free to reevaluate what you are doing. Talking with respected and trusted coaches and friends can offer new ideas and insights that can lead to a change in mental focus or a shift in goals. Remember, doing something is always better than nothing.

2019 Adult and Kids Martial Arts in Raleigh NC

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