Improving These Three Areas Guarantees MMA Success

UFC Gym in RaleighTo be successful in MMA, there’s lots of things that you’ll need to do well. We’re going to discuss some of these in today’s post. Below we are going to focus on three fighting areas. Doing each of these well will guarantee your success if you train hard. If you’re searching for the UFC gym in Raleigh to help with your training, be sure to call Gracie. Ask about our free classes for beginners.

For MMA Success, Improve In These Areas


If you want to be able to control your opponent and easily take them to the ground, then being proficient in wrestling is key. Even though wrestling isn’t a submission oriented sport, it can get you into the right positions for them. Furthermore, if you’re primarily a striker then having good wrestling defense will allow you to keep the fight standing.


Possessing some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu knowledge is almost mandatory in today’s world of MMA and UFC. However, having a strong submission game can turn you into a lethal fighter on the ground as well as on your feet. BJJ is a grappling art. It is focused heavily on technique and not strength. It consists of using many different types of chokes, arm and leg locks, and other submissions.


Being a good striker in mixed martial arts is more than being able to throw a few punches. The elite strikers can use their hands, elbows, shoulders, knees, legs, and feet effectively. Being a one dimensional striker can also be a big weakness. Your opponent will be be able to game-plan you easier. Being a dynamic striker will drastically open up your offensive weapon options and you’ll be harder to train for. Understanding the elements of boxing and combining them with muay thai training can be super beneficial.

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