Do You Have What It Takes to Be Great?

cardio kickboxing in raleighDo you dream of stepping into the octagon and hearing Bruce Buffer say your name? While many people have dreams of being a great martial artist or MMA fighter, few actually achieve greatness. How do you know if you have what it takes to be great? Certain qualities set apart those who are great from those who are just¬† good. Here’s what sets the great apart. For the best cardio kickboxing in Raleigh, call Gracie today. We even offer free classes for beginners.

Willingness to Adapt and Learn

A hunger to learn and adopt a training regimen, fighting skills, and execution sets the great above the rest. They are never satisfied with knowing what they know. Continually seeking more knowledge, better technique, and a deeper understanding of their sport, the great hone their skills and push themselves outside their comfort zone on a regular basis in search of a better version of themselves.

Train Without Ego

Being humble and acknowledging weaknesses and mistakes and accepting defeat as a learning experience helps keep the best fighters focused on perfecting their craft. Without feeling the need to prove anything to anyone, great fighters progress at a much more rapid pace than those who allow their ego and self importance to cloud their training.

Own Their Defeat

For great fighters, a defeat is a make or break occurrence. Do they let it shape them and guide their training plan or do they let it overwhelm their focus and create a rut? Fighters who excel at the highest level take their defeats and use them as a road map to guide their training. Reviewing tape of the loss can help them see the errors they made that cost them the fight. Getting feedback from their opponent on their technique and how they were defeated can be a great learning experience. While it is easy to give up when you have been beaten in competition, great martial artists never throw in the towel.

The Only Competition Is Themselves

Becoming the best version of themselves is what motivates successful martial artists. Caring less about their opponent and more about their own personal improvement and gains, fighters who achieve a high level of performance strive to better themselves day by day regardless of what their competition is doing.

They See Everyone as a Teacher

From martial arts master to an up and coming fighter, champions believe that they can learn something from everyone. Whether it is guidance on perfecting a move from a skilled teacher to a renewed work ethic learned from a younger, hungrier fighter, martial artists who perform at the highest level take the opportunity to learn something from everyone they encounter on their training journey. With no ego holding them back, these fighters are open to accepting the role each person plays in their journey to greatness.

Discipline and Self Care

Understanding and appreciating what your body is capable of and what it needs to function at its peak is the mark of a great athlete. Fast recovery and strength are crucial. Without proper nutrition, hydration, rest, and disciplined training regimens, a fighter cannot expect to achieve the kind of next level success that elite martial arts practitioners reach. Putting themselves first and adhering to their nutrition and training plans allows the great fighters to reach their full potential.

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