How Gratitude Can Make You a Better Athlete

Raleigh martial ArtsAs we turn the calendar to November and begin to enter a season of thanksgiving, we begin to see the word gratitude more and more. While living a life filled with gratitude for friends and family lets those around you know they are appreciated, developing an attitude of gratitude when it comes to martial arts and your training can make you a better athlete. Did you know that focusing on the things you are grateful for can help you stress less and sleep better? That’s not all that happens when you take time out and give thanks for the good things in your life. Did you know that Gracie Raleigh offers the best classes and programs for Raleigh martial arts? Call us today to learn more.

You Become Thankful for Your Gift
Not everyone is able to practice martial arts. Physical limitations or financial limitations often prevent people from practicing martial arts. The next time you catch yourself thinking that you have to eat healthy or you have to go work out, turn your thinking around and say to yourself, “I get to eat a nutritious meal,” or “I’m excited to see if I can improve on my last workout.” Simply reframing the way you think about things can help you realize how awesome it is that you get to do something you love and that is something to be grateful for. Participating in martial arts is a gift.

You Become More Resilient
Whether you got crushed in a fight you trained hard for or suffered an injury that has you temporarily sidelined, when things don’t go your way it can be hard to find the good. Adopting an attitude of gratitude can help you make the best out of a less than perfect situation. While you are sidelined with an injury, use the time to mentor a younger, more inexperienced athlete. Chances are their enthusiasm and drive will have you feeling more ready to get back to it than ever. Getting motivated to stick to your recovery plan so you can help them further their practice is something to be thankful for. After a big loss, it may seem like it will be difficult to come back and continue to train at the same level. Don’t see the loss as a reason to lose your motivation. Watch the tape of your fight and be grateful that you are able to pick apart your loss and use it as a way to identify skills that need to be honed and worked on before your next fight. Choosing to make a loss a learning experience helps propel your desire to learn new skills and amps up your focus.

Practicing gratitude is one of the easiest ways to boost your performance in the gym and give yourself a boost outside the ring. Taking the time to write down a few things each day that you are grateful for will help turn your martial arts practice around and help you feel more focused and calm when it comes time to train.

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Need even more reasons to be grateful as a fighter? Join us in our next post for more reasons why being grateful can improve your athletic ability.